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What is broadband?
The Internet, e-mail, web sites, software downloads, file transfers: they are all now part of the fabric of doing business. But until now, it has not been possible for businesses to fully take advantage of the benefits that technology can truly deliver. The reason for this is a simple one - a lack of bandwidth.

Even for small businesses, narrowband dial-up access is no longer sufficient. It simply takes too long to do basic tasks, like downloading a large file, and is increasingly being recognized as insufficient and inconvenient.

Until now you have only been able to choose from ADSL or Cable Modem if they are available in your area. With the introduction of Broadband you can now have high-quality bandwidth at an affordable price anywhere in Afghanistan, Using BroadBand satellite.The advantages of BroadBand is cheaper equipment low cost monthly subscription.This service is ideal for small Business and Industrial Users.

High Speed Internet Access
BroadBand solution guarantees to the user a high speed reception of data from a transmission dish by modem or by satellite. The transmission system by satellite is a system dedicated for professionals that use corporate networks, multimedia services like the surfing on the internet, working from the terminals, education at large distances, IP telephone , and other links that are related via satellite. Incorporating IP-multi casting, it distributes information with a high demand rate simultaneously to multiples personal pc´s, giving a much superior flexibility and better services than terrestrial solution.

Virtual Networks
The private virtual networks (LAN/WAN) can be used in an ample variety of multimedia services, like bank accounts and central offices.

Education by distance
Education will not have any limits thanks to services via satellite. The student situated in the remote station can intervene directly to his class with a double system via video conference, whilst this happens, simultaneously, the file ex change...............

As corporate networks reduce costs, users can cope with TCP/IP and UDP/IP services by very high speeds, thanks to the optimum use of segments in space, depending of your Intranet of Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Global ISP services
The internet providers can now give a high quality and speed internet service, independent from their previous terrestrial connections. With the configurable ISP service via satellite, we can give to the internet providers guarantee that INTERNET´S VIA SATELITE hub will distribute directly via satellite (CIR) data transmissions. The excellent high speed services that INTERNET VIA SATELITE provides, with a direct connection to different places (POP) of different carriers............

Organization firm workers that incorporate communication systems via satellite, can work remotely connecting directly to their head offices Internet by a high speed connection that permits users to work efficiently and comfortable.

Doctors situated in different clinics can stay in contact and consult themselves directly to other regional medical centres, using video conference and the exchange of high quality images, giving out test results and any type of information. Also rural zone (ambulatories) can have the opinion of specialists situated in remote hospitals quickly and efficiently.

Electronic commerce

Electronic commerce is a system that permits users to pay goods and services by Internet. Thanks to this service, any person connected to the network can ad quire such services with independence from the place that he is situated and during the 24 hours, simply using a portable computer.
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