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VSAT stands for "Very Small Aperture Terminal" and it refers to receive/transmit terminals installed
at dispersed sites connecting to a central hub via satellite using small diameter antenna dishes
(1.8m to 4.5m or in some instances can be higher depending on the speed of transmission).

Data and Voice services for Private Networks & Corporations:
Data services provide internet Email and data transmission and point to point or multipoint.
Voice services to extend the PSTN facilities to rural or remote areas such as Rural Telephony.
Voice services to extend the Mobile based station network to remote areas.

Distance Learning and Interactive Video Services:
Video conferencing – the best tradeoff between quality and cost is achieved at 384kbps. Video on
Demand – where the VSAT users generally implement outbound video at 384kbps and inbound is
128kbps .
VSAT users generally implement symmetrical quality.

High-speed Point-to-Point services:
For reasons of availability, security, and/or economies and not reach of cable. Elimination of the last
mile connection problem

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