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Core Solution
Mobile satellite solutions enable business/organizations to stay connected through voice, data, fax, email, Intranet/LAN extension and Internet access in Afghanistan

Inmarsat A
What It Is:
An analogue mobile satcoms
system for communications with global coverage.

Physical Details:
Self- contained terminal consists of a lightweight parabolic antenna, electronics unit, power supply interface, and direct-dial telephone and telex connections. Standard connections for fax and PC are also available

Inmarsat B
What It Is:
A cost-effective system capable of providing all the communications of a well equipped office.

Physical Details:
The system provides direct-dial, high-quality telephone, Group 3 facsimile, telex, and 56kbps and 64kbps high speed connections ( see Inmarsat BHSD). A 9.6kbps data connection is also part of the service. Enhanced and modified terminals are available from some manufacturers for fixed, multiple channels and other special applications such as compressed or delayed video transmission using high-speed data.

Inmarsat B high Speed data
What It Is:
A high speed global data communications service providing a duplex, 56kbps or 64kbps data delivery via ISDN.

Physical Details:
Land based Inmarsat BHSD systems weigh from 18 - 30kgs

Inmarsat C
What It Is:
A system that supports data and message-based communications. Anything can be coded into data bits can be transmitted via Inmarsat C.

Physical Details:
A light-weight terminal consisting only of a small antenna and compact electronic unit makes it highly mobile and ideal for small boats, road vehicles, and remote sites. Messages are transferred to and from an Inmarsat C terminal at an information rate of 600 bits/s

Inmarsat M
What It Is:
A portable communications system which facilitates voice, fax and data communications.

Physical Details:
This is a light-weight terminal with connections to fax machine or personal computer

Mini M
What It Is:
A portable satellite phone that covers 95% of the world's land mass.

Global Area Network
What It Is:
GAN supports high-speed data applications(56/64 Kbps) including ISDN applications and Packet Data Service to land based locations almost anywhere in the world (98% of the world's land mass).

GAN benefits a host of users, especially those working in locations with very basic or non existent telecommunications infrastructure. ISDN-type application users and those with large volumes of data to transmit to an urban head office will also find it useful.

Physical Details:
GAN equipment weigh typically 3.5 to 5.0kgs with an antenna size of less than 1/2 m2

They are highly portable which makes them suited for rapid deployment in temporary situations as for permanent installation.

Sky Phone
Skyphone offers Inmarsat aeronautical airborne satellite communications to commercial airlines and general aviation markets.

Skyphone is a consortium comprising of Singapore Telecom and Stratos Aeronautical. It offers Inmarsat aeronautical airborne satellite communications to commercial airlines and general aviation markets. Today, it has some of the world's reputable airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa and other airlines as its clients.
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